Create a Google Cloud IAM Role


Create a Google Cloud IAM Role

A Google Cloud IAM role is a collection of permissions, such as read, write, and delete. Google Cloud IAM roles can be added to both cloud rules and cloud access roles in Kion.

To create a new role in Kion:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click Cloud Management > Google Cloud IAM Roles.
  2. Click Add New .
  3. Enter a Name for the IAM role. For information about Google's naming conventions for roles, see Understanding IAM Custom Roles - Naming the Role.
  4.  (Optional) Add a Description.
  5. Select a Launch Stage for your role. You can read about Launch Stages Understanding IAM Custom Roles - Testing and Deploying.
  6. Enter permissions for the role. Kion manages the other attributes like name/description, so you only need to create a JSON array with permissions. For example, the permissions may look like this:
  1. Select a Google Cloud project to validate the IAM permissions against.
  2. Select at least one user or user group as the owner.
  3. Click Create IAM Role at the bottom of the page.


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