What is a Project?


What is a Project?

Projects are the smallest unit of organization within Kion. Each Kion project has its own spend plan and cannot contain sub-projects. Kion projects are different from Google Cloud projects (which are added to Kion as accounts).

Here are some more useful details about projects:

  • Cloud accounts must be attached to only one project. You may attach more than one cloud account to a project, but we recommend keeping a 1:1 ratio between cloud accounts of the same type because it will make managing permissions simpler, as all permissions are managed at the project level.
  • Projects get their funding from the parent OU directly above them, so the parent OU must have enough funds allocated to it to cover the project’s expenses.
  • Generally, projects are the best place to set up budget enforcements because they are self-contained. Setting enforcement at the project level gives you the most specific control over your money.
  • In most cases, projects can be moved between OUs after they are created. For more information, see the section titled Move a Project.


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