What is a Project?


What is a Project?

Projects are the smallest unit of organization within Kion. They are where you attach your cloud accounts and apply your most specific permissions, enforcements, and policies.

In your organization structure, OUs contain projects and projects contain accounts.

Projects get their funding from the parent OU directly above them, so the parent OU must have enough funds allocated to it to cover the project’s expenses.

Generally, projects are the best place to set up budget enforcements because they are self-contained. Setting enforcement at the project level gives you the most specific control over your money.

You may attach more than one cloud account to a project, but we recommend keeping a 1:1 ratio between cloud accounts of the same type. Using a 1:1 ratio makes managing permissions simpler, as all permissions are managed at the project level.

In most cases, projects can be moved between OUs after they are created. For more information, see Move a Project.

Kion projects are different from Google Cloud projects which are added to Kion as accounts. For more information, see Managing Cloud Accounts.


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