Getting Started with Account Management


Getting Started with Account Management

In Kion, accounts include AWS accounts, Azure subscriptions, and Google Cloud projects. We define accounts this way to simplify multi-cloud management. We enable you to manage equivalent functional resources from any cloud provider with the same processes.

1. Build an Organizational Structure

In Kion's hierarchy, OUs contain projects and projects contain accounts. If you haven't already, you should build out your organizational structure before adding accounts. For information about creating a structure and best practices, see:

2. Enable Account Management

To manage accounts in Kion, you must enable a few settings:

  • To manage accounts from supported cloud providers. Navigate to System Settings > Cloud Provider Settings. Enable the cloud providers you want to manage through Kion.
  • To use the account cache to stage accounts. Navigate to System Settings > Account Settings. Enable the account cache.
  • To create accounts through Kion. Navigate to System Settings > Account Settings. Enable account creation.

3. Add Billing Sources

Billing sources are special cloud accounts where billing information is made accessible to Kion.

  • For AWS, this is a management account (previously a master payer).
  • For Azure, this is an Azure CSP, EA, or MCA account.
  • For Google Cloud, this is a billing account and a service account.

For more information, see What is a Billing Source?

In addition to adding billing sources, depending on the types of accounts you want to manage, you may need to configure the billing source to allow account creation through Kion. For more information, see:

4. Add Accounts

You can add accounts to Kion by adding existing accounts that you have already created in a cloud provider console or by creating new accounts.

Creating accounts through Kion adds the account to your existing cloud provider organization structure as well as to Kion. Creating accounts in Kion, rather than the cloud provider portal, allows you to attach them to Kion projects during creation, ensuring cloud rules, funding, and cloud access roles are applied as soon as they are created.

For information on adding new and existing accounts to Kion, see Add an Account.