What is a Financial Enforcement Action?


What is a Financial Enforcement Action?

Financial enforcement actions are configurable actions you can set on a funding source, project, or OU when a spending threshold is surpassed. This spending threshold is determined by triggers and events you can customize at each level.

While you can set enforcement actions at the funding source level, we recommend setting enforcements at the project level for more granular control. When you set enforcements at the funding source level, every project attached to the funding source will be affected if one project overspends. You can also set enforcement actions at the service level within a project or OU.

Financial enforcement actions are made up of the following customizable variables:

  • Enforcement Type allows you to select whether the enforcement applies at the project/OU level or the service level (for project and OU enforcements only).
  • Triggers determine what combination of time and funds spent/remaining will set off the action. Triggers include the Timeframe for measurement, the Spend Option (to specify the trigger based on Spend, Remaining, or Spend Rate), a dollar or percentage value, and, if you selected Service Enforcement, the Service to which the enforcement applies.
  • Events are the actions you want to take place when a trigger's conditions are met.
  • Notifications allow you to select which users and groups will be notified when a financial enforcement action is triggered.

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