Email and Notifications


Email and Notifications

Settings > System Settings > Application Settings > Email and Notification Settings

Use these settings to configure notification settings at a global level. These settings affect all users in your organization. Notification settings configured here can be overridden at a user, project, OU, or funding source level.

When configuring notifications settings, keep in mind that these settings can be configured in multiple places. Settings configured at a more granular level take precedence over settings configured in System Settings.

  1. Locked settings in System Settings override all other configurations and affect all users.
  2. Resource level settings in the Settings tab of a project, OU, or funding source override user and global configurations and are user specific.
  3. User level settings in My User Settings override global configurations and are user specific.
  4. Global level settings in System Settings are the default configurations and affect all users.

SMTP Settings

Kion sends in-app notifications as well as email notifications. In order for the application to successfully send email notifications, and to prevent messages from going into spam folders, you must configure an SMTP server. For detailed information, see SMTP.

Email List Settings

  • Opt In to Emails from Kion. When this setting is enabled, users are shown an option to sign up for the Kion mailing list upon their first login. The emails sent from this list include product news, feature announcements, and best practice tips. This list will not distribute release notes.

General Notification Settings

  • Password reset via email. When this is enabled, users receive a password reset email after clicking Forgot Password. When this setting is disabled, users will have to contact their administrator to reset their password.
  • Show unsupported browser warning. When this is enabled, any time a user uses a browser other than Chrome they will receive a warning saying that some features may not work as expected.

Default Notification Settings

Enable or disable in-app and email notifications. These configurations set the default for all users in your organization. If a notification is disabled here, individual users can enable it for themselves in their My User Settings. However, locking a notification overrides all other configurations for that setting, ensuring it is enabled/disabled throughout your organization regardless of more granular configurations.

Items that have email notifications enabled are compiled into digest emails. When a notification is triggered, we start compiling a list of new notifications that occur in the next five minutes, group them by notification class, and send them in a single email.

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