What is a Savings Opportunity?


What is a Savings Opportunity?

A savings opportunity within Kion is a recommended change to an over-provisioned or abandoned cloud resource that aims to reduce your cloud spending. Kion can scan your cloud environment regularly to automatically suggest these savings opportunities based on the size of your cloud resources and their utilization over time. The goal is to help you only pay for what you actually need, which can save you money.

Savings opportunities are resource-level findings from savings opportunity checks. Savings opportunity checks come pre-configured within Kion. Just turn them on in the Savings Opportunities Settings page to scan for unattached elastic IPs, instances with low average utilization, and more!

Once Kion identifies a savings opportunity, you can:

  • Apply the savings opportunity from your cloud provider's management portal and mark the opportunity as applied.
  • Dismiss the opportunity if you do not wish to make the change at that time.
  • Stop or terminate a resource from within Kion.

There are two different types of savings opportunities that Kion can suggest: 

  • Rightsizing Opportunity: a recommendation to adjust a resource's size to better fit your utilization patterns. For example, we might recommend that you change an instance type from a1.large to a1.medium if the resource was consistently using less than 75% of the current max a1.large capacity. We also show you resources that would be cheaper and more performant if you upgraded to the newest version in the instance family (for example, upgrading AWS gp2 EBS volumes to gp3 volumes). 
  • Decommissioning Opportunity: a recommendation to temporarily stop or permanently terminate a resource that is abandoned/is not being utilized. For example, we might recommend that you stop or terminate a resource that hasn't been used in the last six months.

Once you turn on savings opportunities in the system settings, you can view your opportunities on the Savings Opportunities Overview.


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