Savings Opportunities Settings


Savings Opportunities Settings

Anyone with global manage system settings permissions can adjust the savings opportunity settings for your whole organization, including turning savings opportunity checks on and off. Savings opportunities must be turned on before anyone in your organization can use the feature.

To turn on savings opportunities:

  1. Click Settings > System Settings in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Savings Opportunities tab under Application Settings.
  3. Toggle Savings Opportunities to ON.

Once savings opportunities are turned on, the following will display:

  • Toggle the Allow users to stop or terminate resources from within Kion to ON to allow users with the appropriate permissions to temporarily stop or permanently terminate a resource from within Kion. This makes it easy for users to decommission a resource that is not being utilized, but please use this option with caution, as terminating the wrong resources can disrupt services in your production environment. For more information about setting permissions for this, see the "Address" section of the Permission Types article.
  • You can enable each opportunity check individually by toggling the button next to it to ON. You will only see savings opportunity checks for the cloud providers that are enabled.

Enabling any savings opportunity check will cause Kion to scan your cloud environments every 12 hours for resources that meet that opportunity check's criteria. You can click Rightsizing Opportunity Check or Decommissioning Opportunity Check above the list to jump to that section of the list, and you can click Enable All / Disable All to enable or disable all of the listed savings opportunity checks at once.

For more information about our terminology, including rightsizing, decommissioning, and savings opportunity checks, see the What is a Savings Opportunity? article.


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