Cloud Provider Settings


Cloud Provider Settings

You can turn off specific cloud providers (CPs) within Kion, which removes the menu options to connect resources for those CPs and hides the CP elements within Kion that are only useful for their users (including items on the sidebar navigation, options on cloud rules and CARs, and settings). This allows you to view only the Kion options that are relevant for your cloud environment. This only affects the UI, as you can still access the API endpoints for all CPs.

To show or hide settings for specific CPs:

  1. Click Settings > System Settings in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click the Cloud Provider Settings tab under Application Settings.
  3. Check or uncheck the cloud providers listed to select which CPs are allowed for this install of Kion. Note: you cannot deselect the cloud provider for the partition in which you have installed Kion, and you will only be allowed to deselect a selected CP once you've removed all associated resources for that CP. 
  4. Click Update Settings.



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