What is a Billing Source?


What is a Billing Source?

Billing sources are cloud accounts where billing information is made accessible to Kion. Depending on your cloud provider, billing sources may also be called billing accounts or management accounts the cloud provider console.

Before attaching accounts to projects in Kion, you must add their billing sources.


For AWS, the billing source is the management account. When the management account is added to Kion, we use a CloudFormation template to create a role in the account that allows us to access billing data and (if applicable) to create new accounts.

If you are unable to grant Kion access to your management account, our support team can provide a CloudFormation template that creates a Lambda function to replicate the billing data and store it in an accessible location.

For information about adding your AWS management account as a billing source, see the AWS Management Account Setup Guide.


For Azure, the billing source is a CSP, EA, or MCA account. For information about adding an Azure billing source, see:

Google Cloud

For Google Cloud, the billing source is the billing account. For information about adding a Google Cloud billing source, see Google Cloud Billing Sources.