Setting Your Profile Preferences


Setting Your Profile Preferences

To access your profile information, click your display name in the upper right of the screen. This opens a dropdown menu with a few options related to the user you are logged in with.

My Profile takes you to your User Details page. Here you can view your user information, which user groups you belong to, resources you have access to, and permissions you have. For more information about the User Details view and what actions you can take there, see Managing Users

My User Settings takes you to your My User Settings. Here you can configure your personal user settings such as your user information, password, dashboard customizations, default owners and regions, linked accounts, notification settings, and default spending timeframe. These settings only apply to you. For more information about the available personal user settings, see My User Settings

Notification History opens the Notification History log. Here you can view, search, and filter all of your notifications and mark them as read or unread. For more information, see Managing Notifications

Add API Keys takes you to where you can add public API keys for automating interactions within Kion. This option must be enabled in the settings before it will be available. After it is enabled, only admins will have access to it. For information about enabling this option and adding API keys, see Getting Started with the Kion Public API

Support goes to Kion's support center by default. However, you can customize this menu option to take users to your internal support system if you prefer. For information about customizing this option, see Support URL