My User Settings


My User Settings

Settings > My User Settings

You can configure your personal user settings for your login, default selections when performing various actions throughout Kion, accounts accessed through Kion, and notifications. These do not change the settings for other users in your organization.

  • Edit Profile. Update fields like name and email, if allowed by the administrator.
  • Password. Change your password. You must enter the current password to change it.
  • Kion Dashboard Choose and customize the summary cards on your Kion dashboard. To see examples and explanations of the dashboard summary cards, see Your Kion Dashboard.
  • Default Owners. Set your default user or user groups. These will be pre-selected when you create items in Kion. This is not a global setting and only applies to you (the signed-in user).
  • Default Regions. Set your default AWS commercial and GovCloud regions.
  • Linked Azure Accounts. Configure settings for linked Azure accounts.
  • Linked Google Accounts. Configure settings for linked Google accounts.
  • Notification Settings. Set your preferences for in-app and email notifications. These configurations will only apply to you. Configurations made here will override global defaults set in System Settings. Locked configurations and customizations made at a project, OU, or funding source level will override configurations made here. For more information about available notification settings, see Email and Notifications.
  • Organization Chart. Select which view you would like the organization chart to open to by default. You can select from list, policy, compliance, financial, or spend view.
  • Default Spending Timeframe. Select the default timeframe to show in the project list view, project details page, and project/OU financials page. You can choose from Lifetime, This Month, or Active Budgets.


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