OU Financial Details


OU Financial Details

Kion makes it easy to get current spend insight and identify cost optimization opportunities in your cloud environment. In the financials section of OU details pages, we provide cost visibility and context across your organization.

To view OU financial details:

  1. Navigate to OUs > All OUs.
  2. Click the OU you would like to view.
  3. Select the Financials tab.

OU Spending

This is an overview of the financial data of all projects that descend from this OU.

Spending. This summarizes the total spend of projects descending from this OU. The aggregate budget is the sum of all project budgets descending from this OU. The bar graph shows where your spending is in relation to the OU's aggregate budget and OU thresholds you have set.

Monthly Spending. This graph shows monthly spend of projects descending from this OU over the selected time frame. The items shown can be changed by clicking the Graph Settings button.

Descendant Spending. This lists each descendant project, the amount they have spent, and their budget information. This list can be filtered by keyword, time frame, state, or parent OU.

Funding Source Usage

Funding sources represent streams of money in your organization. They are commonly used to represent corporate budgets, contracts, or grants.

This page shows funding sources that are associated with this OU.

  • Funds Received. The total sum of funds that have been allocated to this OU from each funding source.
  • Aggregate Spend. The total sum of spending by all projects descending from this OU.
  • Aggregate Planned. The total sum of all planned funds on all projects descending from this OU.

For more information, see:

OU Thresholds

Thresholds are set on an OU and represent the maximum, upper-limit of spend by projects descending from that OU.

Thresholds can be used with or without project-level budgets. When used alone, they are useful for monitoring project spend at a high-level without setting up individual budgets. You may want to take this approach if you don't want to monitor individual projects, but you do want to control what they spend cumulatively.

This page shows upcoming and past thresholds.

For more information, see:

Reserved Instances

Reserved instances are a way to purchase the use of AWS resources at a discounted rate. In addition to securing a discount, you are also securing capacity within the availability zone of your choice.

Here, you can see a list of the reserved instances the OU has used. For each reserved instance in the list, you can see how many hours this specific OU has used, how many hours have been used in total by all resources, and how any hours are remaining. You can also see usage by all descendent AWS accounts in this view.

For more information, see AWS Reserved Instances.

Spend Reports

On the Spend Reports tab, you can create spend reports for this OU. Spend reports help you easily analyze your spending by month in a variety of ways.

For more information, see Spend Reports.