Add a Funding Source


Add a Funding Source

A funding source represents a specific stream of money in your organization. Funding sources can optionally be attached to specific OUs, limiting their use to projects descending from selected OUs.

When using spend plans, funding sources must be placed at the top of the organization.

To create a new funding source:

  1. Navigate to Financials > All Funding Sources.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter the Funding Source Name. This name must be unique among funding sources.
  4. (Optional) Enter a Description of what the funding source is meant to be used for or where the funds are coming from.
  5. Select a permission scheme to apply to this funding source. This permission scheme determines which users can manage and/or view this funding source. For more information, see Managing User Permissions on a Funding Source.
  6. Select at least one user or user group as the funding source owner.
  7. Select a Funding Period. Funds in this funding source will be active and available to projects during the selected time.
  8. Enter the Amount of funds in this funding source. This can be increased or decreased by editing the funding source at any time.
  9. If Allocations Mode is on, you must select a top-level OU to attach the funding source to. For more information, see Allocations Mode.
  10. (Optional) If Allocations Mode is off, you may select specific OUs that can use this funding source. If you select a parent OU, any descendant OUs and projects can use this funding source. If no OUs are selected, this funding source will be available to any project in your organization.
  11. Click Create Funding Source.

For additional configuration options, see Managing Funding Sources.