Resource Inventory Overview


Resource Inventory Overview

Use the resource inventory to view, filter, and search for resources in your cloud accounts. We provide a complete inventory of your cloud resources along with their spend data, tags, and compliance status. You can keep an eye on resource totals and status at a high level, and, if you notice something you need to address, you can quickly drill down to specific resources to take action.

Any supported resources associated with accounts in Kion are automatically pulled in to the resource inventory. Resource inventory scans are run every 24 hours.

Currently, resource inventory only supports AWS and Azure resources. Google Cloud support will be added in an upcoming release. For a complete list of the resource types supported in resource inventory, see Resource Inventory Support.

Enabling Resource Inventory

Resource inventory functionality can be enabled by navigating to Settings > System Settings > Application Settings > Resource Inventory Settings.

Viewing Resources

From the Resource Inventory Overview page, click View All Resources to see a full list of your cloud resources, or click on one of the graphs to see a pre-filtered list based on your selection.

On the Resource Inventory page, you can use the filters on the left to narrow down which resources you are viewing, sort results by any of the included columns, or search for specific resources with the top search box.


Adding an Active Between filter not only narrows down your view, it also adds a column to the results table that shows the total cost accrued by each resource during that time frame.

Selecting Display Deleted Resources includes resources that were in a previous scan but not the most recent scan.

Exporting a Report

Clicking the Export button at the top of the resource inventory page exports a .CSV including your resource inventory overview and resource inventory data. This report respects any filters you had active when the Export button was clicked, only including the filtered data.

Resource Details

When you select a resource in the table, the resource's details are shown in a panel below.

On the Overview tab, you can see general information about the resource, including cloud provider, status, associated projects, account numbers, regions, and data specific to the resource type. You can also see Cloud Provider Tags. We pull these straight from the cloud provider, so you can see every tag on a resource at once. Using the Cloud Access option, you can federate directly into the cloud account containing the resource using Kion cloud access roles.

The Monthly Spending tab shows the resource's spend data over its lifetime.

The Savings Opportunities tab shows recommended rightsizing and decommissioning opportunities to reduce the resource's spend. For more information, see What is a Savings Opportunity?

The Compliance Findings tab shows any compliance findings associated with the resource. For more information, see What is a Finding?