Organization Chart Settings


Organization Chart Settings

System Settings > User Interface Settings > Organization Chart

Since these configurations change the user interface for all users in your organization, these settings can only be changed by users with the Global Manage Kion System Settings permission.

Show OU Names in Org Chart

Select if you would like to hide OU names on the organization chart from designated users. If your OU names include sensitive information or should otherwise be kept private, this ensures that only users with the appropriate privileges see the names. If this setting is set to Off, only users with Browse OU permissions can see OU names in the organization chart.

Default Organization Chart View

Select which view you would like the organization chart to open to by default. You can select from list, policy, compliance, financial, or spend view. This policy can be customized by individual users in their My User Settings. Default organization chart view configurations in My User Settings override the global configuration in System Settings.

For more information about the different organization chart views, see Organization Chart.