Rightsizing Opportunities


Rightsizing Opportunities

Rightsizing opportunities are recommendations to adjust a resource's size to better fit your utilization patterns. For example, we might recommend that you change an instance type from t2.medium to t2.small if the resource is consistently using less than 75% of the current max t2.medium capacity. We also show you resources that would be cheaper and more performant if you upgraded to the newest version in the instance family. 

To see your rightsizing opportunities, navigate to Savings Opportunities, and click the Rightsizing Opportunities button next to the Savings chart.

To adjust which rightsizing checks you would like to run regularly, navigate to System Settings > Application Settings > Savings Opportunities. For more information, see Savings Opportunities Settings.

Filtering and Exporting

You can filter the information on this page by entering a keyword or by using the dropdown menus to select a cloud provider, service, and/or project. Select Include Dismissed to include savings opportunities that have already been dismissed. Filters remain active when moving between savings opportunity pages.

Click the download button to export the current view as a .csv. The export takes into account any filters you have in place, only including the information you choose.

Cost and Savings

The Cost chart compares the following:

  • The Average Cost for the resources we have identified with rightsizing opportunities. This includes all of the resources listed in the Opportunities list below. This is calculated by averaging the monthly spend across cloud providers for the last three months. You can hover over the information icon mceclip0.png to learn which months were used in this calculation.
  • The Potential Cost should you appropriately apply all of the recommendations.

The Savings chart shows the following:

  • The Potential Savings you would save by appropriately applying all of the recommendations.


This page shows each individual resource with a rightsizing opportunity.

An ellipsis menu appears on the right if you hover over a resource. This menu gives you the options to: 

  • View details. View details and cost/savings information about the selected resource, share a link to the resource's details page, or log in to the account containing the resource.
  • Cloud access. If you have sufficient permissions, log in to the account containing the resource.
  • Terminate resource. Permanently terminate the resource. This makes it easy to decommission a resource that is not being utilized. Use this option with caution, as terminating the wrong resources can disrupt services in your environment. This option only displays if it is enabled in System Settings > Application Settings > Savings Opportunities.
  • Mark as applied. Mark the savings opportunity as applied. Choose this option if you log into the account and apply the recommended change manually.
  • Dismiss. Mark the savings opportunity as dismissed, which indicates you do not wish to act on the recommendation at this time. Dismissed opportunities can be reviewed later by using the Include Dismissed option in the filter bar.