Managing Project Spend Plans


Managing Project Spend Plans

A project spend plan is the combination of funding sources, specific funding amounts, and start/end dates that determine the budget of a project.

You can make changes to a project's spend plan after it is created. You can make changes to the Months Applied and Planned Amount on current and future months. You can also add or remove funding sources. Funding sources can only be removed if they have not been used by the project.

To edit a project spend plan:

  1. Navigate to Projects > All Projects.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the project you want to edit, and select Edit Spend Plan.
  3. Make any desired changes.
  4. Click Update Spend Plan.

Additional Configuration Options

These options affect how spend plans work, but are not configured on the spend plans themselves. These are configured in the system settings.

Enforce Spend Plans

Enforce the use of spend plans by all projects in the organization. When this is on, you cannot create a project without a spend plan.

By default, if you do not want to add a spend plan to a project right away, they can be added later by editing the project. If Enforce Spend Plans is enabled, you can no longer create projects without spend plans. For more information, see Financial Settings.