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Financial Settings

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Financial Restrictions

The options avail able under Financial Restrictions depend on whether you are using budgets or spend plans.

Budget Restrictions


With budgets, allocations are optional. Allocations offer a high level of restriction and control over your funds.

When allocations mode is on:

  • Funding sources and allocations are required.
  • Funding sources must be placed at the top of the organization.
  • All budgets must be associated with at least one funding source.

When allocations mode is off:

  • Associating a budget with a funding source is optional.
  • Funding sources can be used by all projects in the organization or limited to only be used by specific OUs.

  • Funding sources are optional. You can attribute funds to budgets instead of drawing funds from funding sources.

For more information, see Allocations Mode.

Enforce Budgets

When budgets are enforced, all projects must have a budget. When they are not enforced, projects can still have budgets, but they are optional.

Enforce Funding Sources

When enforce funding sources is on, all budgets must be associated to a funding source.

Enforcing funding sources can be useful if you don't want to use allocations, but still want to use funding sources or attribute spend to a specific “bucket of money.”

Spend Plan Restrictions

Enforce Spend Plans

Enforce the use of spend plans by all projects in the organization. When this is on, you cannot create a project without a spend plan.

By default, if you do not want to add a spend plan to a project right away, they can be added later by editing the project. If Enforce Spend Plans is enabled, you can no longer create projects without spend plans. For more information, see What is a Project Spend Plan?

Allow Unlimited Funds

When this is enabled, you can create spend plans that plan to use more funds than are currently available on a funding source. When planned spend exceeds what is available on the funding source, a banner will show on the funding source details page to alert you.

This setting can be useful for tracking spend based on real-time funding, instead of projected funding.

Default Spending Time frame

Here you can set the default aggregate spend and project spend time frames to show throughout the application. These settings apply to the organization chart, OU cards, OU details, project cards, and project details. If this setting is also configured in a user's My User Settings, their configuration takes precedence.

Forecasting and Estimates

Forecasting generates an estimate of your future spending based on your current spending. It uses a linear projection that is based on this month's spending and trend data from previous months.

When enabled, estimates can be seen on project and OU spend overviews, spend reports, and spend graphs.

Financial System Settings

Migrating from Spend Plans to Budgets

When users switch back to spend plans all budgets and thresholds will be lost. All enforcements created that are associated w/ budgets and thresholds will be lost.