Account Details


Account Details

Viewing the details pages for accounts gives you a view into the account's finances and compliance status. While you can federate into an account from its details page, typically users will access accounts through projects or the dashboard. The information in this view is more useful for administration purposes.

To view an account's details:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > All Accounts.
  2. Click the account you would like to view.

Overview Tab

This is an overview of this account. Here you can see the account's creation details, associated email, parent project, and any labels applied to it.

For information about applying labels to accounts, see What is a Label?

The Resource Inventory section shows the number of active resources associated with the account. Click View All Account Resources to view a pre-filtered list of the account's resources. For more information, see Resource Inventory Overview.

Use the Cloud Access button to federate directly into this account using a cloud access role. For more information, see What is a Cloud Access Role?

Reserved Instances Tab

Reserved instances are only available for AWS accounts.

Here, you can see a list of the reserved instances this account has used. For each reserved instance in the list, you can see how many hours this specific account has used, how many hours have been used in total by all resources, and how any hours are remaining.

For more information, see AWS Reserved Instances.

Spend Reports Tab

On the Spend Reports tab, you can create spend reports for this account. Spend reports help you easily analyze your spending by month in a variety of ways.

For more info on spend reports, see Spend Reports.

Compliance Tab

The Compliance tab shows compliance measures relating to this account.

Compliance in Kion is made up of three pieces: compliance findings, compliance checks, and compliance standards.

  • Findings identify specific resources that are not compliant. Findings cannot exist without checks, because checks define what is and isn't compliant. A check questions if a resource is compliant, and a finding is the answer to that question.
  • Checks contain definitions for compliance that findings are based on.
  • Standards group together related checks to meet larger compliance goals, guidelines, or requirements.

For detailed information on the compliance summary, see Compliance Overview.