Custom Branding


Custom Branding

You can customize the colors and logos in the Kion user interface to fit your organization's branding. The selected options will change the user interface for all users in the organization.

The custom branding options can only be changed by users with the Global Manage Kion System Settings permission.

To customize the application branding, navigate to System Settings > Custom Branding.

Login Text

The text above the credential fields on the login screen.

The welcome text to the side of the credential fields can also be customized in the Custom Messaging settings. For more information, see Custom Messaging.


The logo on the login screen and in the application header and footer.

Upload a .png file that with a minimum image height of 200px and a maximum file size of 10MB. An image with a 3:1 aspect ratio tends to look best, but is not required. We recommend using a colored logo, as it will appear on a white background in the application header.

Application Colors

The login screen background and text color and the navigation bar background, text, and accent colors.

Customizing text and background colors can result in hard-to-read text. We recommend only using colors with high contrast, such as dark text on a light background.


The icon that appears on the browser tab.

Upload a .png file that has a width of 32px and a height of 32px.


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