What are Permission Schemes?


What are Permission Schemes?

Permission schemes map individual permissions to permission roles. For example, you can create a permission scheme that assigns a collection of permissions to the Admin permission role. Permission schemes are also used associate users or user groups with permission roles.

Out of the box, we provide four default permission schemes. In most cases, you can use these four schemes to cover all of your permission assignment needs.

  • Global Permissions. Permissions that apply to the entire Kion application.
  • OU Permissions. Permissions that can be applied to OUs.
  • Project Permissions. Permissions that can be applied to Projects.
  • Funding Source Permissions. Permissions that can be applied to Funding Sources.


Permission Scope

Permissions in Kion can be applied with a global scope or with an object scope (on OUs, projects, and funding sources). Any object that has an Owner uses the object scope.

By design, the Kion built-in Admin user and the Kion Administrators group have full access to everything in the application. This cannot be changed.

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