Billing Source Details


Billing Source Details

Viewing the details pages for a billing source gives you a view into its spend, connection status, and associated accounts.

To view a billing source's details:

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Billing Sources.
  2. Click the billing source you would like to view.

Overview Tab

This is an overview of this billing source. Here you can see the billing source's creation details and the dates it last received data from the cloud provider.

The Accounts section details accounts that are associated with the billing source, both within Kion and within the cloud provider console.

Use the Cloud Access button to federate directly into this account using a cloud access role. For more information, see What is a Cloud Access Role?

Invoice Tab

This tab is only available for AWS billing sources.

The Invoices tab shows monthly invoices for this billing source.

  • Invoice Total. The total sum of spend for all accounts (accounts in projects, accounts in cache, accounts not in Kion, and the management account itself) for the selected month. This does not include any estimated spend; this is only reported spend.
  • Credit. The total sum of credits for all accounts for the selected month.
  • Payer Rounding. This is the spend difference between the connected accounts, unconnected accounts, and the management account. This is factored into the management account invoiced total.
  • The Management Account reflects the values for the management account itself.

Spend Reports Tab

On the Spend Reports tab, you can create spend reports for this billing source. Spend reports help you easily analyze your spending by month in a variety of ways.

For more info on spend reports, see Spend Reports.

GovCloud Settings

This tab is only available for AWS billing sources.

Here you can configure the linked GovCloud account name and number, enable GovCloud account creation, and access service role templates.

  • If Kion is installed in commercial, we provide a template that trusts the partition user account.
  • If Kion is installed in GovCloud, provide a template that trusts the app-instance role.

These settings are used to link GovCloud accounts to your commercial management account. This is required for creating GovCloud accounts through Kion. For more information, see Enabling AWS GovCloud Account Creation.