Managing Billing Sources


Managing Billing Sources

Editing a Billing Source

  1. Navigate to Accounts > Billing Sources.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the billing source you want to edit, and select Edit.

Downloading Billing Source Data

In addition to using Kion's report builder, you can download the same data we receive from cloud providers. To do this, navigate to Accounts > Billing Sources > Ellipsis Menu > Download Billing Source Financials. This downloads a zipped file with the billing source financial reports, including monthly spend, payments, and spend by service.

AWS GovCloud Settings

By navigating to Accounts > Billing Sources > Ellipsis Menu > Edit GovCloud Account Settings, you can adjust the associated GovCloud account name and number and enable or disable AWS GovCloud account creation. For more information, see Enabling AWS GovCloud Account Creation.