Managing Funding Sources


Managing Funding Sources

The amount of funds on a funding source can be increased or decreased but can never be decreased by more than the amount of funds that have already been spent.

Editing Funding Sources

  1. Navigate to Financials > All Funding Sources.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the funding source you want to edit, and select Edit Funding Source.
  3. Make any desired changes.
  4. Click Update Funding Source.

Additional Configuration Options

These options affect how funding sources work, but are not configured on the funding sources themselves. These are configured in the system settings.

Enforce Budgets (Somewhat Restrictive)

You can optionally enforce the use of project budgets, requiring all projects to be associated with a budget. While this requires a few extra steps during project creation, it ensures there will be no unplanned spend within your organization. For more information, see Financial Settings.

Enforce Funding Sources (Highly Restrictive)

You can optionally enforce the use of funding sources, requiring all budgets to be associated with a funding source. Enforcing funding sources can be useful if you don't want to use allocations, but still want to use funding sources or attribute spend to a specific bucket of money. For more information, see Financial Settings.

Allocation Mode (Highly Restrictive)

When using funding sources with budgets, you have the option of enabling allocations mode. When using spend plans, allocations are always enabled. When allocations are enabled, your entire organization must use funding sources to allocate funds to OUs and projects. Allocations offer a high level of restriction and control over your funds.

When allocations mode is on:

  • All budgets must be associated with at least one funding source.
  • Funding sources must be placed at the top of the organization.
  • Funds must be allocated from funding sources to budgets.

When allocations mode is off:

  • Associating a budget with a funding source is optional. You can attribute funds to budgets instead of drawing funds from funding sources.
  • Funding sources can be placed at any level of the organization.

For more information, see Allocations Mode.