Funding Source Details


Funding Source Details

A funding source represents a specific stream of money in your organization. Costs incurred by descendant projects will be associated back to their funding source, enabling the tracking of funds across your organization.

Viewing the details pages for your funding sources gives you a holistic view of how and where funding is being used.

To view funding source details:

  1. Navigate to Financials > All Funding Sources.
  2. Click the funding source you would like to view.

Overview Tab

This is an overview of this funding source. Here you can see the funding source's total funding, its funding period, the OUs using it, a summary of its spending, and any labels applied to it.

For information about applying labels to funding sources, see What is a Label?

Financials Tab

The Financials tab shows many details about the funding source's spending.

  • Funding Source Usage. Here you can see how much of this funding source has been spent cumulatively, how much has been budgeted from it, and how much remains unbudgeted. There is also a breakdown of actual spend, planned spend, and spend status by project.
  • OU Usage. This list details which OUs have been allocated funds, have been budgeted funds, or have drawn funds from the funding source.

If you are using spend plans, overspend is calculated on total overspend at the funding source level rather than the sum of child project overspend. If one child project overspends and others underspend enough to compensate, the funding source will still be on track.

Enforcements Tab

Here you can see any enforcements applied to this funding source. This does not include enforcements applied to OUs or projects drawing from the funding source.

For information about enforcements, see Funding Source Financial Enforcements.

Users Tab

This tab shows a list of users and user groups who have access to the funding source. You can also see whether each user was granted access to this funding source locally or through a global permission scheme.

For information about managing user permissions on funding sources, see Managing User Permissions on a Funding Source.

Permissions Tab

Users can be granted permissions at various origin points. You can learn where each user was granted their permissions on this tab, which allows you to view origins by user or by permission.

Select a user, permission, and role to see the permission's origin. You can alternatively click the By Permission tab to select a permission, user, and role to see its origin.

For information about managing user permissions on funding sources, see Managing User Permissions on a Funding Source.