Getting Started with Identity Management


Getting Started with Identity Management

Identity Management Systems (IDMS) make it easy to manage users' access to Kion efficiently and securely. We provide an internal IDMS that you can use, or you can integrate with your existing SAML 2 system (such as Active Directory or Okta).

We also have integrations with single sign-on (SSO) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) systems.

Starting with the Internal IDMS

The internal IDMS stores user data in your Kion database. You can specify an optional MFA and password requirements.

This IDMS is a built-in resource that exists by default when Kion is installed. For information about configuring it, see:

Starting with an IDMS Integration

When using one of our supported integrations, Kion authenticates users with your existing identity provider. This enables you to use existing user lists and groups in Kion without needing to recreate them and enables your users to securely use familiar credentials.

To get started, click the link for your existing identity system: