What is a Cloud Rule?


What is a Cloud Rule?

Kion's Cloud Rules eliminate all types of complicated, manual tasks, including IAM, compliance, financial enforcements, and account provisioning across AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Cloud rules are collections of cloud-specific resources that can be applied to cloud accounts. Cloud rules can be applied hierarchically and inherited from parent OU to child OU to projects, or they can be applied directly to individual projects.

Cloud rules apply the following resources to cloud accounts:

  • AWS IAM policies
  • AWS AWS CloudFormation templates
  • Shared AWS AMIs
  • AWS service catalog portfolios
  • AWS service control policies
  • Azure role definitions
  • Azure policy definitions
  • Azure ARM templates
  • Google Cloud IAM roles
  • Compliance standards
  • Pre-rule and post-rule webhooks

Users can request exemptions from cloud rules on projects and OUs. If a cloud rule exemption request is approved on an OU, then all of the projects below the OU are also exempt from the cloud rule. For more information, see Cloud Rule Inheritance and Exemption.


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