What is an AWS CloudFormation Template?


What is an AWS CloudFormation Template?

An AWS CloudFormation template is a method to easily set up and tear down infrastructure in an AWS account. There are many uses for AWS CloudFormation templates, including:

  • Baseline configuring an AWS account with services that should be enabled for logging and security, like CloudTrial, Config, and GuardDuty.
  • Plumbing an AWS account with infrastructure like a VPC with subnets, NAT gateways, and a connection back to a shared services VPC.
  • Setting up a highly-available application with multiple web servers load-balanced across multiple availability zones connected to a multi-node database cluster in an AWS account.

AWS CloudFormation provides you with tools that automatically detect failures in setup and detect dependencies that affect deployment order. They also help you easily perform rolling-updates to your highly-available applications.

Kion can help you centralize management of your templates. When you need to update a template, you can make the changes in one place, and then Kion pushes those changes out to all of your AWS accounts.

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