Add an AWS CloudFormation Template


Add an AWS CloudFormation Template

You can create an AWS CloudFormation template within Kion. CFTs can be up to 460,800 bytes in size.

To add a CloudFormation template:

  1. Select Cloud Management > AWS CloudFormation Templates.
  2. Click Add New
  3. In the CloudFormation Name field, enter a name to identify the AWS CloudFormation template throughout the application. This field must be unique among AWS CloudFormation templates.
  4. Enter an optional Description.
  5. If you want to download a CloudFormation template from the internet, you can paste a URL in the field and click Fetch Template.
  6. In the AWS CloudFormation Template field, select either JSON or YAML and then enter or paste a valid AWS CloudFormation template.
  7. Click Format to align the braces.
  8. If you have template parameters that are required for the template, you can select either JSON or YAML and then enter or paste these in the Template Parameters field, or click the Pre-fill Parameters button to pre-fill the values. Click Format to align the braces. CFT Template and Parameters can be entered separately, for example:
    • This is a sample CloudFormation template:
    {    "Parameters": {        "ImageId": {            "Type": "AWS::SSM::Parameter::Value<AWS::EC2::Image::Id>"        }    },    "Resources": {        "Instance": {            "Type": "AWS::EC2::Instance",            "Properties": {                "ImageId": {                    "Ref": "ImageId"                }            }        }    }}
    • This is a sample set of parameters:
    [   {       "ParameterKey": "ImageId",       "ParameterValue": "myLatestAMI"   }]
  9. In the Regions dropdown menu, select one or more regions where the CloudFormation will be applied. Please note: the region(s) cannot currently be edited after template creation.
  10. In the Simple Notification Service ARNs box, enter any SNS ARNs you would like attached to your CloudFormation Template. This field allows you to send a notification via SNS when CloudFormation templates are finished applying to allow you to trigger advanced automation to meet your needs. Learn more about creating SNS ARNs at
  11. Check the Enable Termination Protection checkbox if you would like to enable Terminate Protection on the CloudFormation template when it's created. This does not prevent the CloudFormation template from being modified or deleted in Kion, but it does prevent accidental deletion in the AWS account itself.
  12. In the Owners dropdown menu, select which users and user groups will have access to modify the template once it's created. You must select at least one user or group.
  13. Click Create Template.


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