Billing Source Reports


Billing Source Reports

You can generate reports on billing sources by navigating to Reporting > Overview > Report by Item Type > Billing Sources.

You can also view reports on individual resources by selecting the appropriate tabs on their details page. For example, to view the spend report for a billing source, navigate to Accounts > Billing Sources, click on the billing source, and select Spend Reports.

Account State

The account state report provides an overview of spend associated with the selected billing source(s). This report includes account spend, credits, refunds and discounts, and adjusted totals.

Financial Summary

The financial summary provides an in-depth look into spend for all billing sources. The row-level data is exported as a zipped collection of spreadsheet files that are easy to import into other tracking systems as needed. The report can include data on the monthly spend, payments, spend by service, and spend plan for the report resource.