Add a Spend Plan to an Existing Project


Add a Spend Plan to an Existing Project

If you did not add a spend plan to a project during project creation, you can add one later on. For more information on spend plans, see What is a Project Spend Plan?

To add a project spend plan to an existing project:

  1. Navigate to Projects > All Projects.
  2. Select the project you would like to add a spend plan to.
  3. Select the Financials tab.
  4. Select the Spend Plan sub-tab.
  5. Click Create Spend Plan.
  6. Select the funding source that the project will use. You can add more than one funding source to the project spend plan. You can use more than one funding source in a given month. You can drag and drop the funding sources to prioritize the order in which they are used.
  7. Select the start and end months during which the project can use the funding source. Funding sources are set on month boundaries since cloud accounts generally finalize spend once a month.
  8. Enter the planned amount of funds available to the project.
  9. Click Update Spend Plan.


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