Troubleshooting Logging In


Troubleshooting Logging In

I can't access the application and my IP is correct.

Make sure your VPC is set up properly. A good test is to launch an EC2 instance and ensure you can login from a public subnet. If you cannot, then you need to either fix your route table for your subnet or update the NACLs on your VPC.

When I navigate to the application in my web browser, I see only a blank screen.

Make sure you are accessing the application based on the URL value in the outputs tab of the AWS CloudFormation template that you used to install the application. The application will not work properly if you try to access via an IP address or by another domain name.

I can't log in to the support center.

If you are experiencing a "Forbidden Invalid Authenticity Token" error upon login to our support center, ensure that you have allowed third-party cookies for in your browser.

To enable third-party cookies for Kion

  1. In Chrome, navigate to Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data.
  2. Next to Sites that can always use cookies, click Add.
  3. Enter:
  4. Enable Including third-party cookies on this site.
  5. Click Add.