Google Cloud Built-In Role Definitions


Google Cloud Built-In Role Definitions

Settings > System Settings > Google Cloud Settings > Built-In IAM Roles

You can import Google Cloud IAM roles that are defined in the Google Cloud console. This enables you to use Kion as the central control point for all of your access settings. This also makes standard Google Cloud and your custom Google Cloud IAM roles available when creating cloud rules and cloud access roles in Kion.

Once you click Import IAM Roles and the sync completes, you can view the imported roles by navigating to Cloud Management > Google Cloud IAM Roles.

When roles are imported, incompatible permissions (such as those applied at the organization or folder level) are removed to ensure consistency between the Google Cloud console and Kion. If this happens, a banner will display in Kion that will take you to a summary of the changes.

After 3.8.0

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Before 3.8.0