OneLogin Integration


OneLogin Integration

Kion integrates with OneLogin as a SAML 2.0 provider to easily connect Active Directory to Kion. OneLogin's secure single sign-on integration with Kion saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud.

For more information about Kion's integration with OneLogin, see OneLogin's article: Secure access to Kion with OneLogin.

To enable OneLogin single sign-on in Kion:

  1. Generate the metadata from the identity provider - this should not require any information from Kion.
  2. Generate a new "application" in the identity provider. The information required from Kion will typically be the "Service Provider Issuer" and the "Service Provider ACS URL".
  3. In Kion, create a new SAML IDMS by filling in the identity provider information, metadata, and assertions.
  4. Test the integration and make any changes necessary.

For detailed instructions on these steps, see Add a SAML 2 IDMS.