Logging in to a Cloud Provider Console with a Cloud Access Role


Logging in to a Cloud Provider Console with a Cloud Access Role

After creating at least one cloud access role (CAR), you can log in to a cloud provider console using the cloud access role.

There are several Cloud Access menus throughout Kion that allow you to select your cloud access role from a dropdown menu. Selecting a role from one of these menus takes you directly to the cloud provider console. If you have enabled third-party federation for AWS using existing roles, you will be directed to your identity provider log in to authenticate during federation.

If nothing happens when you log in, ensure you have disabled your pop-up blocker.

From the Projects List

Navigate to All Projects and click on the name of the project you want to access. Select Cloud Management > Cloud Access Roles. Use the dropdown menus in the Cloud Access column to select an account to access.

From the Accounts List

Navigate to All Accounts and locate the account you want to access. Use the Cloud Access dropdown menu above the account name to select a cloud access role to use.

From the Dashboard

The Quick Cloud Access card on the dashboard shows recently used accounts and the cloud access roles you used to access them. Click an item in the list to log in using the displayed account and cloud access role.