App API Access


App API Access

Settings > System Settings > Application Settings > App API Access

The settings in this section enable the generation of AWS app API keys by users. Once enabled, administrators can generate their own app API keys, but non-admin users will not be able to until they are explicitly given permission.

  • App API Key Generation. Enables app API key generation by administrators and other users with Manage Project AWS API Keys permissions.
  • API Key Limit Per User. Sets the number of app API keys allowed per user. The minimum value is 1 and the maximum value is 10.
    If you set the key limit to a value that is less than the number in use by a user, you will get an alert that says App API Key limit per user must be at least [value]. Click Learn More for the option to download a report that shows you which users have more keys than the number specified.
  • App API Key Lifespan. Sets how many days user generated app API keys will last. Users receive notifications a few days prior to their keys expiring.

When app API key generation is enabled, administrators and users with the correct permissions can see the App API Keys option in the user menu at the top right corner of the screen.