System Diagnostics


System Diagnostics

Diagnostic tests can be run ad hoc from System Settings > System Diagnostics or can be scheduled to run periodically in the background.

System Diagnostics Settings

Settings > System Settings > Application Settings > System Diagnostics

Since these configurations change the application for all users in your organization, these settings can only be changed by users with the Global Manage Kion System Settings permission.

System Diagnostics Tests

  • Scheduled Diagnostics Tests Frequency. Enter how often to run scheduled diagnostic tests.

Diagnostics Test Notifications

  • Notification Frequency . Enter how often notifications should be sent. Notifications will only be sent if there are findings.
  • Users To Be Notified and User Groups To Be Notified. Choose users and user groups to be notified with test results.

Viewing Diagnostics

Settings > System Diagnostics

Select Export System Diagnostics from the ellipsis menu in the top right corner to export all diagnostics to a CSV file.


This page lists microservices that are used by Kion.

Each microservice can be triggered manually by clicking the Trigger button.

Configure the logging level per microservice by clicking the ellipsis menu next to the microservice and selecting Manage Log Level.

For help troubleshooting, send Kion Support a selection of your logs by clicking the Send Logs button. This securely sends your logs to our support team using a native AWS export.


This should only be used when directed to repopulate the search index by a member of the Kion team.

Inaccessible Accounts

This page lists accounts that are in Kion but cannot be accessed. Most commonly, accounts may become inaccessible due to connection or authentication issues.

Last Bill Load

This page lists all payers and the last date that Kion loaded billing reports for them.

Compliance Scans

This page lists all compliance scans that are currently running or pending. For information about compliance checks, see What is a Compliance Check?