Reporting with Tags


Reporting with Tags

Kion can create reports using tags you have configured in your cloud provider's console. Applicable tags are automatically recognized in your billing data and made available in report dropdown menus.

Unified Tagging

Kion supports reporting on tags within AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. If you're using more than one cloud provider, you can take advantage of Kion's unified tagging system.

Unified tagging means that when you use the same tags across cloud providers, Kion will report on them as if they came from one unified source, so your reports give you totals for the tag instead of fragmented results.

You can report on tags starting with the date of their creation, and tags are case sensitive (the case must match across cloud providers).

AWS Cost Allocation Tags

AWS cost allocation tags give you the ability to drill down on resource-level spend. In order to use tags, they must first be enabled in the Billing and Cost Management console within AWS.

To learn how to enable cost allocation tags, see Amazon's article Activating User-Defined Cost Allocation Tags. Once they are enabled, your selected tags and values are automatically added as options within Kion reporting dropdown menus.

These tags work with Kion unified tagging.