Add an AWS Service Catalog Portfolio


Add an AWS Service Catalog Portfolio

Kion allows you to register the portfolios and then attach them to Cloud Rules. Kion will then share out the portfolios to collections of AWS accounts. You must create a portfolio in one of your AWS accounts first and then you should attach products to them. When Kion shares the portfolio out to another AWS account, the users will be able to launch each of the products if they have access.

To add an AWS Service Catalog portfolio:

  1. Select Cloud Management > AWS Service Catalog.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. In the Portfolio Name field, enter a name to identity the portfolio throughout the application. The field must be unique among portfolios.
  4. Enter in a Description.
  5. Select the AWS Account where the portfolio was created.
  6. Select the Region where the portfolio was created in the dropdown that displays.
  7. Select the Portfolio ID from the dropdown. This list pre-populates based on the account and region fields. It should start with the prefix: port-.
  8. In the Owners dropdown menu, select which users and user groups will have access to modify the portfolio once it's created. You must select at least one user or group.
  9. Click Create Portfolio.

Once you create the portfolio, you should follow attach the portfolio to a Cloud Rule. When the Cloud Rule is attached to a project or an OU, Kion will automatically share it with all the AWS accounts attached to the project. To see how to attach a portfolio to a Cloud Rule, check out this article: Create a Cloud Rule.