Import AWS Policies


Import AWS Policies

Settings > System Settings > AWS Settings > Import AWS Policies

AWS Managed IAM Policies

Import AWS managed IAM policies to make them available when creating Kion cloud rules and cloud access roles. We recommend importing these collections periodically, in case Amazon adds new policies or makes changes to existing ones.

Customer Managed IAM Policies

You can import your existing IAM policies from your AWS console, and use them in cloud rules and cloud access roles within Kion. We indicate in the description field when the policies were imported, making it easy to track which resources are up to date.

  • (Optional) Replace Partition and Account IDs with Application Variables. This replaces any account and partition IDs found within the IAM policy's text with application variables (i.e., {{CT::AWSAccountId}} and {{CT::AWSPartition}}). This ensures that policies that are account-specific or partition-specific in AWS can be applied across resources in Kion.