Add a User Group


Add a User Group

Adding users to user groups is a good way to manage responsibilities and permissions among teams. Instead of adding a user individually to each project, you can create a user group that represents a team and add all the team members to the group.

You can grant permissions to the user group and manage the users in a single location. Every form in Kion that allows you to assign a user also allows you to assign a user group.

To add a user group:

  1. Navigate to Users > User Groups.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter a name to identify the group. The group name must be unique.
  4. (Optional) Enter a description of the user group.
  5. Select users to add as members of the group. Members can receive permissions through this user group.
  6. Select users to have ownership over the group.
  7. Select users to add as viewers of the group, or select the Also add this user group as a viewer option to add all users in the group.
  8. Viewers differ from owners in that they are not granted permissions assigned to the user group. Viewers can:

    • View who is in the user group.
    • Select the user group when creating/editing cloud access rules, cloud rules, projects, permissions schemes, etc.

    For example, if a user is added as a viewer of the admin user group, they are not granted admin permissions. They can only see which other users are in the admin group and add the admin group to resources they manage.

  9. Click Create User Group.