Bulk Add Users


Bulk Add Users

Kion allows you to bulk add users. This allows you to upload the info for many users at once, which saves time. You can only add one group when using the bulk add feature.

To bulk add users:

  1. Select Users > All Users.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Click Bulk Create Users.
  4. Click Download Sample CSV or copy the example column names into a CSV file.
  5. Add a new row in the CSV file for each user you want to create. There is a column for your IDMS ID in the CSV. If you do not know your IDMS ID, expand the following section.
    • ClosedTo Check Your IDMS ID
    • To bulk add users, you will need to know your IDMS ID. The IDMS ID for the Internal Directory is usually 1, but if you are trying to bulk add for a different IDMS or wish to verify the ID, you can find it by:
      1. In the left navigation menu, click Users > Identity Management Systems.
      2. Click the ellipsis menu to the right of the IDMS and click Edit.
      3. The IDMS ID will be displayed in the URL.


  6. Click Choose a File and select your modified file to upload the CSV.
  7. Click Bulk Upload Users to create the users.

Once the import completes, Kion will show a list of Users Added complete with the passwords for each user. Click Download CSV on this page to get the passwords in a CSV file. You can then securely distribute the passwords to the users.

If there are any errors with creating the users, the import will continue, but errors will be noted in the Status column under Users Added.