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Customize the login screen by setting the default IDMS, choosing to prioritize SAML, or configuring session timeout lengths.

Default IDMS

Setting a default IDMS makes it the default authentication when a user signs in with a username and password. By default, this is set to Internal Directory.

SAML Settings

If you choose to prioritize SAML login, the username and password fields on the login page will be collapsed and moved below the SAML login.

This is an example of the standard login page where SAML IDMS is not prioritized:


This is an example of the login page with the Prioritize SAML Login setting enabled. Users can still log in with their username and password by clicking Log in using username and password below the SAML options.


Login Session Timeout

You can customize how long a user can be logged in before their session expires. Changes to these settings will affect any new logins, not existing ones.

  • Max Session Duration. Enter the maximum amount of time a single session can last. Once this limit is reached, the user will be forced to log in again.