Settings > System Settings > Application Settings > License

Use the license settings to manage your Kion subscription license and usage units.

To update your license, click Update License and enter your new license key.

Subscription Licenses

Subscription licenses have two parts: an annual base subscription fee, and usage units. Usage units represent cloud service provider usage that Kion manages. They allow you to buy licenses based on your anticipated cloud spend . Usage units do not expire provided you maintain an active subscription where the usage unit is applied.

Here you can see the details of your current subscription license, including its start and end date, status, total spend, and days remaining.

Usage Units

If you have a standard platform license, you must add usage units to account for cloud spend. You need a usage unit key to add usage units. Contact a Kion sales representative for more information about obtaining additional keys.

To add usage units, click the Add Usage Unit button on the Usage Units tab. Enter your usage unit key.

Enterprise licenses do not use usage units.