Add an AWS AMI to Kion


Add an AWS AMI to Kion

AMIs are used to create EC2 instances via a disk snapshot, which can be shared to AWS accounts. Kion can be used to facilitate sharing AMIs between AWS accounts. Once an AMI is shared with an AWS account through Kion, users of the AWS account can launch an EC2 based on the AMI.

An AMI must already exist in an AWS account before it can be shared in Kion. This process does not create new AMIs.

To add an AWS AMI to Kion:

  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > AWS AMIs.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Enter a name to identify the AWS AMI throughout the application. This field must be unique among AWS AMIs.
  4. Enable Sync Tags to duplicate all tags on the source AMI across all accounts where the AMI is shared, providing accurate tagging from the source without duplicating effort. This will override any tags set in the AMI locally.
  5. (Optional) Enter a description for the AMI.
  6. Select the account where the AMI is located.
  7. Select the region where the AMI exists. AMIs cannot be shared across regions.
  8. Select the AMI you want to share. The list automatically populates based on the account and region values.
  9. Select at least one user or user group to have ownership of the AMI.
  10. (Optional) Set a date to automatically stop sharing the AMI. If this option is enabled, you can also choose if you want email, in-app, or badge notifications when sharing is about to expire or has expired.
  11. Click Manage AMI.

Once you have added an AWS AMI to Kion, you can use cloud rules to make it available to OUs, projects, and accounts. For more information, see Create a Cloud Rule.