Managing AWS AMIs in Kion


Managing AWS AMIs in Kion

AMIs are used to create EC2 instances via a disk snapshot, which can be shared to AWS accounts. Kion can be used to facilitate sharing AMIs between AWS accounts. Once an AMI is shared with an AWS account through Kion, users of the AWS account can launch an EC2 based on the AMI.

Once you have added an AWS AMI to Kion, you can use cloud rules to make it available to OUs, projects, and accounts. For more information, see Create a Cloud Rule.

Viewing AWS AMIs in Kion

To view all AWS AMIs that have been added to Kion, navigate to Cloud Management > AWS AMIs. You can click the name of an AMI to see its details and associated cloud rules, projects, and OUs. This view also details where the AMI is directly applied and where it has been inherited.

To see all shared AMIs available on a specific project:

  1. Navigate to Projects > All Projects.
  2. Click on a project.
  3. Select Cloud Management > Shared AMIs.

Editing an AWS AMI

You can edit the configurations you specified when adding an AWS AMI to Kion at any time, including its description, owners, and sharing expiration date.

This does not edit the AMI itself. The EC2 instance snapshot cannot be edited within Kion.

  1. Navigate to Cloud Management > AWS AMIs.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the AWS AMI you wish to edit, and select Edit.
  3. Make changes to any of the fields.
  4. Click Update AMI.