Add an AWS Long-Term Access Key


Add an AWS Long-Term Access Key

Long-term access key creation must be enabled in the system settings before following this article. For more information, see AWS Access.

To generate AWS long-term access keys for a project:

  1. Navigate to Projects > All Projects.
  2. Select the project for which you will generate the access key.
  3. Select Cloud Management > AWS Long Term Access Keys.
  4. In the AWS Long-Term Access Keys section, click the ellipsis menu and select Create AWS Long Term Access Keys.
  5. Select the AWS account in which to create the access key.
  6. Select a cloud access role to use for the access key permissions.
  7. Click Generate API Key.
  8. Click Show to see the Secret Access Key. This key is not saved in Kion and is only displayed once, so be sure to save it securely.
  9. Save the API Key ID and the Secret Access Key in a secure location.


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