Add a Custom Permission Scheme


Add a Custom Permission Scheme

Out of the box, we provide four default permission schemes. In most cases, you can use these four schemes to cover all of your permission assignment needs. However, you can create custom permission schemes to increase granularity for permission assignments and organization.

Custom permission schemes only show as an option if they are enabled in the system settings. To enable custom permission schemes, navigate to System Settings > Permissions and enable Allow Custom Permission Schemes.

Each permission scheme type has different permissions. Once a permission scheme is created, you cannot change the type.

  • OU Permissions. Permissions that can be applied to OUs.
  • Project Permissions. Permissions that can be applied to Projects.
  • Funding Source Permissions. Permissions that can be applied to Funding Sources.

To add a new permission scheme:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Permissions.
  2. On the Permission Schemes tab, Create New.
  3. Enter a Permission Scheme Name. This name must be unique among permission schemes.
  4. Select a Permission Scheme Type.
  5. Next to each permission available in this scheme, select any roles you would like to grant that permission.
  6. Click Create Permission Scheme.

A typical process to assign permissions includes creating a permission role, assigning permissions to the role via permission scheme, and associating a user or user group with the permission role. For information about associating users with permission roles, see Mapping Users to Permission Roles.