Add a Custom Permission Scheme


Add a Custom Permission Scheme

Each permission scheme type has different permissions. Once a permission scheme is created, you cannot change the type.

Custom permission schemes only show as an option if they are enabled in Settings. To enable custom permission schemes, navigate to System Settings > Permissions and toggle the Allow Custom Permission Schemes slider.

To add a new permission scheme:

  1. Select Settings  > Permissions.
  2. On the Permission Schemes tab, click + next to Create New.
  3. Enter a Permission Scheme Name to identify the permission scheme throughout the application. This field must be unique among permission schemes.
  4. In the Permission Scheme Type field, select a type.
  5. In the dropdown menus, select any roles you would like assigned to the permissions.
  6. Click Create Permission Scheme.

To learn how to map users to roles that can be added to this permission scheme, see the Map Users to Permission Roles article.


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