Move a Project


Move a Project

Most of the time, a project can be moved from its original OU to any other OU in your company’s structure. Before you move a project, consider how to apply cloud rules and what you want to do with the financial history and funding as it relates to both the original OU and the destination OU.

  • Cloud rules. You have the option to keep any of the cloud rules that the project inherited by turning them into locally defined cloud rules. Consider what cloud rules will be inherited at the destination OU before you make the decision to keep the original cloud rules on the project. If you need to, you can request exemptions from cloud rules at the destination OU.
  • Financial history. You can choose to move the project’s financial history with it or keep it in the original location as an archived project. If you choose to move the financial history, it will be as though the project never existed on the original OU. If you decide leave the financial history with the original OU, the spend plan or budget in the original location will be modified to end in the current month, and you will have to create a new spend plan or budget for the project in its destination OU.
  • Funding. If you choose to move the project’s financial history, you are given the option to create a new spend plan/budget or keep the original one. If you choose to keep the project’s spend plan/budget, new transactions are automatically created that move the necessary amount of funds from the original OU to the destination OU. If you are moving a project to an OU under a different funding source from the original OU, you must create a new spend plan to go with the new funding source.

To move a project:

  1. Navigate to Projects > All Projects.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the project you want to move, and select Move Project.
  3. Select the destination OU.
  4. Choose whether you would like to convert inherited cloud rules to local cloud rules or remove all inherited cloud rules. If you remove them, any inherited compliance findings are archived.
  5. Choose whether you would like to move financial history to the destination OU or archive the data on the original OU.
  6. Click Move Project.