OU Diagnostics


OU Diagnostics

The OU Diagnostics screen shows you whether cloud rules and cloud access roles are applying properly to your cloud accounts.

To access the OU Diagnostics screen:

  1. Navigate to OUs > All OUs.
  2. Click the ellipsis menu next to the OU you want to view, and select OU Diagnostics.

This screen lists each of the OU's projects and a status indicator for each. Projects with a green check mark are implementing all objects successfully, while projects with a red exclamation point are unable to implement some objects.

Click a project's name to view a list of accounts, the objects it is implementing, and any failed cloud rule or cloud access role actions.

  • Click the caret next to a cloud rule to see where it was applied.
  • Click Needs Reattempt to reattempt cloud rule actions directly from this screen.